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February 12, 2003

AltaVista has launched an expanded version of its index

AltaVista Company, a leading global provider of search services and a majority-owned operating company of CMGI has launched an expanded version of its multimedia index, with over 240 million unique media files, including images, video clips, MP3 and other audio files.

PALO ALTO, Calif. - In addition, the company has added new search parameters to its popular News search, enabling visitors to better pinpoint articles of interest to them. The enhanced index and new features represent the company's continuing commitment to the advancement of search technology and the delivery of the most comprehensive multimedia and news search capabilities on the Internet.

"We have seen increasing interest in multimedia and news search capabilities, and have enhanced our multimedia index to meet this growing demand. Today's announcement represents another milestone in our plan to further integrate multimedia with our core results, and to provide the most robust multimedia and news resources on the Web," said Fred Bullock, Chief Marketing Officer of AltaVista Company. "Our expanded multimedia index positions us to go well beyond the traditional boundaries of Web-page search by incorporating richer media options. The new options in our News search further extend our leadership position in this area, as we execute on our long term plan to provide the most comprehensive search experience on the Web."

AltaVista's enhanced multimedia index boasts larger images and more .jpeg files as well as expanded worldwide coverage, with access to more international image files. In addition, the company has applied a new proprietary relevance algorithm for delivering even more targeted, relevant results to users' searches. Advanced filtering enhancements enable the company to deliver higher quality images and screen out `noise' images such as buttons and spacer. gifs used in HTML construction.

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Source: Alta Vista Corp.

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