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December 23, 2003

Yahoo Inktomi Anniversary

It was one year ago today, December 23, 2002, when Yahoo! announced that it planned to acquire Inktomi. Which leads to the question - What has changed?

The answer is; not much on the organic front. Yahoo! still displays Google as its'' primary organic results, and have not made any announcements as to their plans with Inktomi.

A while back I speculated that they would switch on Inktomi and boot Google, but to date it has not happened yet. Looking back, my logic was flawed somewhat. I predicted that they would try to switch within a year of the acquisition and while they did announce the acquisition on this date a year ago, it wasn''t actually approved by Inktomi shareholders until March of this year. Which leaves Tuesday January 13th open.

But back to my original question - what has changed?

As I mentioned, Yahoo! still displays Google organic results which have gone through a major transformation recently so Yahoo! has in effect changed it''s rankings as well.

It is noteworthy, however, that we have seen increased activity with Slurp, Inktomi''s crawler, in the past few months. This is an obvious sign that Yahoo! is ramping up the Inktomi database. What the final results will be, or when the change will happen is anyone''s guess.

This also doesn''t take into account what future plans Yahoo! has for Overture, which they also purchased this year. While they are busily signing new contracts worldwide with advertisers, they have not disclosed what their plans are for their North American properties, as they relate to Overture or Inktomi. (An interesting side note on this - Overture just announced today an agreement between Overture and Yahoo! with Lycos Europe, despite the fact that Lycos in the US is suing Overture because they were bought by Yahoo!).

12 months later and still no change on the organic side of Yahoo! This should make 2004 an interesting year for the popular search portal.

Rob Sullivan
Production Manager
Search Engine Positioning specialists

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