SEO Optimised Press Release

Press Releases – One of the most Complex Forms of Content Marketing

Press release has been one of the oldest methods used in content marketing. But, its role has changed with time. Earlier, press release was an additional form of content published online as higher the amount of content online, higher was the visibility. But, with changes in Google algorithm, you need to ensure that it’s adding value to the reader too. The challenge is creating SEO optimized press releases that add value to the visitor. This is where Real SEO comes to your rescue. From announcing company events to awards and achievements, there are various activities in a company that will benefit from media exposure. We use these activities or events to build news stories. We guarantee well-written, sharable and SEO optimized press-release writing for our clients.We help you use them as a vital tool to increase your exposure and improve the visibility of your brand and website.

Be the News with Press Release Distribution

Did you know that Google is categorizing press release links as unnatural? Did you know that if you don’t comply with Google’s guidelines for PR, your site may get penalized? Well, this is certainly true. So it is important that you let only the experts work on press release. At Real SEO, we have a specialist team of writers for SEO optimized press release(SEO-Opr) creation. We know that purpose of press releases is to publish news about your business for people who know your business. ‘

The prime benefits of SEO optimized Press Release include –

  • Get attention of your target market
  • Generate media coverage for any event or milestone achieved by the company
  • Let your readers and visitors known about something that is newsworthy

With an SEO-Opr, we not only reach your visitors, we also get the PR indexed by search engines. But how do you analyse that the press release has benefited your search engine rankings? Well, we will give you a report with important statistics for the same. If it is well written and optimized, it can also occur in the news section of Google Search results.  You can analyse its performance with –

    • The number of times your SEO optimized press release was viewed
    • Number of times your press release was shared or reposted by other sites
    • Frequency PR received SEO organic click-throughs
    • How often has it been referred to sites
  • The overall Geographic visibility

Real SEO believes that press release documents can never be explicitly promotional. So, we write news content from the industry point of view rather than company point of view. In terms of research, quality and content,our articles are at par with news written by experienced journalists.

Our commitment is to delivering press releases that increase visibility and are likely to occur in search results. Press release creation is not just another activity in link building, our aim is to generate awareness about your site. For more details, get in touch with us.





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