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How to Start SEO of eCommerce Website?

Search engine optimization is tough task because it is directly concerned with the presence and business aspect of website. In this blog, we will systematically explain, how you should plan things for the start of search engine optimization.

Follow things as written below:

  • SEO should start with keyword research. Google offers free Adwords keyword tool through which you can check which keywords are searched by people in any region. Suppose you sell PEN then you should check what PEN buyers search in your area. Keyword finalization is important; a slight mistake can change entire game.
  • Do not target more than 5 keywords per page: this is the point to be noted that there is some limit when it comes to number of keywords per page. Create a big website with plenty of pages and then you will be able to include plenty of keywords.
  • Keyword in URL is very important so it should be placed carefully.
  • Content in website is also crucial: though ecommerce websites are not primarily intended for informative content but Google should be also taken into consideration. Apart from putting plenty of content on different pages, there should be a blog too.

These were some essential points and for more information please check website as there are many other blogs too.




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