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How to Rank a Website in Google Local Listing?


You would have heard that Google Local Listing is very crucial in bringing genuine leads. In this blog, we will discuss about various aspects that are concerned with the ranking on local listing. First of all, you need to understand that listing and website are two different things. It is also right that there is some relation between listing and website. You can find link of local listing in website and vice versa.

Tips to rank high in local listing:

Your all details in listing like name, address, contact details etc should be correct. If you put any wrong detail then it can get reported to Google by any visitor. Reports can demolish your local listing.

Putting images and videos will help: graphic is always better than text when it comes to business. You should put proper creative with business name and contact details.

Regular updates: if you simply create a listing and leave it without regular updates then it wouldn’t come on top. You need to have an up to date profile for Google local listing.

Detailed address: your address should be complete and if you can add any milestone please go ahead. Ex: near UK medical hall, near bilton park etc.

Write detailed description about listing. Title should be also perfect.

If you can stuff keywords in title and description then it will really help.

I have given some important tips that will really help in local listing rank in Google. Adding a reputed website to Google local listing can also help. If you want any more details about organic Google ranking system then contact our team and they will definitely help you.

Google Local Listing London