Link Building SEO Ways in 2018

What are the Different Ways of Making Quality Links (Link building)?


Link building SEO ways in 2018! In the world of internet, there is nothing considered as permanent and links to your website are also changing. Link building is the oldest technique, which is still in action and very effective too. Link building is not all about getting SEO favor, it can also help in getting organic traffic to your website. Number of links is still relevant when considering the ranking system of Google and other major search engines.

Every link works as a recommendation for your website so with a good website pointing towards your website will definitely help. Earlier, there use to some automatic tools through which it was possible to create hundreds of links in few seconds. Later Google and other search engines improved their algorithm and all those websites got caught that were using wrong means. If you are planning to hire any web development company from London then check whether or not they are offering SEO services.


Below, we have discussed three ways to make some links ethically:

    1. Guest Posting: this is a way to share your content to websites where links come in return to sharing content. This is a mutual beneficiary option where link comes for content. Numerous SEO experts started putting low quality content in guest post. Later Google changed algorithm and all such spam got detected. There are still many guest post websites of high PR value. Blog commenting is also a way to create links but one needs to be more careful in commenting because that goes often in spam.


    1. Content is not king, it is actually everything: you would be aware of content spinners that are easily available online. That wouldn’t work anymore. You should research about the current trending content. Remember content should be unique and informative. It should be spread in bullet points, heading and proper paragraphs.


    1. Deal with broken links: if you have a thin website it can be checked without any hassle but when it comes to big website then it becomes difficult to track. Website can be checked through tools for broken links. If there is any broken link then it can really affect users’ experience. Auto redirect can be used for broken links.

Conclusion: Link building still works but it needs to be done with caution.

Link Building SEO Ways in 2018