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Automotive industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world! Any stake holder in the automotive industry, from dealers and to manufacturers, cannot afford to overlook the need of SEO for their business. It is important that these businesses realize how Internet has changed decision making behavior of consumers. Your target audience can now do research online and look for information about vehicles, parts suppliers,dealerships, service centers and more. Internet plays an important role in car related decisions. Not just car purchase, people even search for aftermarket car services online. Researches show that there are around 70 million after-market car service searches done online each month. To stay in the trend and gain customers, it has become important for automotive business to focus on online marketing. Real SEO offers customized marketing solutions for businesses in the automotive industry.

Advertising Becomes Easier with Online Marketing

Real SEO designs your online marketing strategies based on your need. We know that the strategy required for a business with an online footprint is different than a business starting from scratch. Regardless of which category our business belongs to, we are equipped to help your marketing efforts. We give our automotive industry clients an idea of digital marketing and channels involved. By improving their knowledge of digital marketing, they get an idea on how to take advantage of the networks available, and reach their target market in new ways.

With our local search and seo services, you will be able to –

  • Rise to the competition in local market
  • Get found by people searching for auto repair shops or car dealers
  • Get a mobile friendly, easy-to-use website
  • Use social media channels to reach your customers and engage with them
  • Run email campaigns to keep your customers updated with latest information, offers and deals
  • Use paid ad campaigns to generate qualified leads.

Why Do You Need Experts for SEO in Automotive Industry?

Automotive SEO works a bit different when compared to SEO for other industries. In this domain, the process of building a website tailored for dealerships is important. It takes page elements and content relevant to relevant customers who want to purchase or sell a car, or need after-market service. You also need to optimize your website for visitors who just want to gain information about a particular car models.

At Real SEO, we modifies the relevancy of navigation links, content, meta tags, headlines, and keywords to help your website rank higher. Keywords are the main element of SEO. We research on a mix of long tail and short tail keywords to finalize the target keyword for your website. We first explain to our customers that SEO is an ongoing process, not just a one time activity. Our team stays updated with the latest changes in Google Algorithm and updates the SEO strategies accordingly.

We first study your business, website and products. We also survey the geographical area to get an estimate of the level of competition for your automotive business. Based on the analysis , we create marketing strategy for your business. From paid ads to organic SEO, all you marketing needs are covered by Real SEO.




The business services sector is fiercely competitive. Are your Internet marketing campaigns and website keeping pac he technology sector is ever changing. Stay ahead of the Internet marketing curve so you’re there.

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