Securing website from Scammers

How to deal with Website’s security from Scammers?

For small business owners, website’s security is always an issue. People often go for various anti-virus software programs but that is not always perfect for security. Nowadays manual coding from scratch is rarely done, web designing is mainly based on customization nowadays. Free theme for various CMS can create problem because developers smartly stuff bugs inside.

Various possible threats for small business websites:

Phishing: if you are not aware of this way then you should learn. Nowadays false mails arrive that smartly snatch your username and password. Consider Engineering’s “ABC“, that is, Always Be Careful about suspicious mails and calls.

Waterhole attack: small business owner should look for the ways to stop hackers. This can be done through various security measures.

Software installation: this is a very popular way to hack sensitive data from your computer. Software program sneakily save and send your data to spammers.

What measures to be taken for website’s security?

Software update: you should regularly update all installed software in your system. An outdated software program is more vulnerable. It has been seen that with time, even anti-virus itself turns into virus.

Passwords: password should be not easy to guess. It should be a mix of upper case and lower case letter with special symbols like #, &, @, (, etc. We strongly recommend not to use your name, college name, city name as password.

Rogue software: internet is full of bluff and scammers. There are numerous software programs that give false results when you scan for malware. That type of software will detect a genuine program as malicious and then they will ask for paid removal.

There are various aspects of website’s security. You need to be educated and informed of how to handle all such threats.

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Securing website from Scammers