SEO Tricks for 2018 

How to Rank a Website in Google 2018 (Google ranking tricks)?


Google ranking tricks! Number of SEO experts rising everyday but Google’s algorithm is still a mystery. Google updates their algorithm regularly to deal with spammers. If you are looking for SEO agency from London then ask our experts and they will guide you better about Google ranking.

Some Google ranking factors in 2018:

Content was king and still king: if you have content that is not performing then you should check content of those websites that are performing well in Google. Do not copy content; it should be referred as an idea source. Unique, informative and properly arranged content is always preferred in Google.

Domain is powerful: if any keyword is stuffed inside domain then it can help. Suppose your website is about SEO Services in London then you should not keep as domain. You can put keyword partially like This is tried and tested as per latest algorithm of Google.

Links are still important: if you have plenty of links to your website from reliable sources then it can definitely help. More links means there will be more chance of getting traffic. This really helps in gaining rank too.

Responsiveness is important: Almost 70 percent of total traffic comes from mobile nowadays so you can understand how important this is? Mobile websites should be made properly considering UI and UX.

Anchor text in content: there was a time when people used to link other pages inside website and outside sources also with anchor text. With Google update that trend went and people started posting link without anchor text. As per latest trend, things seem to have reverted back to original condition.

Loading speed: users’ experience is extremely important in Google ranking. Pages should load fast on all devices, operating system and environment.

Google Schema: this is important, if you are running small business and wants to attract local customers.

Brand works: if you have any reliable name as brand for your business then it will definitely help in SEO. Brand brings reliability and Google wants to rank those websites that are reliable.

Never ignore UI and UX value: this is important because eventually it is all about users’ experience.

I have discussed some main factors regarding Google ranking system. Hope this was informative.

SEO Tricks for 2018