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Give a global presence to your business with International SEO

Do you believe that online marketing is limited to local SEO and social media marketing? Well, you are completely mistaken as online marketing is an umbrella term that consists of several services within and international SEO is one of them. If you are new to digital marketing world, you must be wondering what International SEO is. Real SEO takes this opportunity to answer your questions.

When you have a business catering to customers across different regions of the world, local languages become a challenge. It becomes imperative to develop the website in multiple languages or put a translation facility on the site. International SEO deals with Optimisation of the website in such cases. The objective of international SEO is to ensure that your business is a success on foreign shores. We have a multilingual team that has successfully published and promoted content across different languages. We help your business target countries and languages on country specific search engines to make sure you gain customers globally. Our task is to gather link opportunities across the globe and thus, increase brand visibility within the targeted geographical markets.

With our international SEO strategy, we aim to –

  • Get an estimationof your potential customer base in your target countries
  • Analyze both the local, national and international competitionin target countries
  • Conduct keyword research to generate international target keywords
  • Create a strategy to localize your brand in international market
  • Analyse the website to understand technical aspects that need to be optimized.

Developing Strategies according to audience you want to target

When you think global, you cannot develop marketing strategies as per yourself. You need to develop content and strategy according to the customer you want to target. At Real SEO, we have expertise in developing marketing strategies for international businesses. We believe that understanding what is important to consumers in target countries will help developing content that strikes with them. Our priority is generating engagement and building trust with the consumers so that they buy from you instead of your competition.

Real SEO can help optimize your multilingual websites for better results in search engine rankings. We have teams that provide both organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid Search Engine Advertising (SEA). Our International SEO efforts help you achieve better visibility in country-specific search engines, which will lead to increased traffic. Higher the traffic you get on your multilingual version websites, greater are the chances of conversion. A properly strategized approach brings results and ROI for your international SEO efforts.

When you are targeting markets worldwide, introducing localization is the key to success of your marketing strategy. With a practical and feasible international SEO strategy, you can reap the rewards of global expansion of your business.

At Real SEO, our top priority is to make a note of your desirables and break these down into segments. Our international SEO strategies are all about being efficient and effective while keeping marketing costs down. Let’s discuss your target markets to formulate international SEO strategies for your business.

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