Reporting and Analytics

Gain Insights into the Data Collected with Reporting and Analytics!

When clients come to us with their marketing requirements, they have several questions in their mind. One of the most common questions is, how will I know that the SEO strategy is working? If you also have the same question, don’t worry you are not alone. At Real SEO, we are here to solve all your doubts and questions. When you are investing your time and money in online marketing activities, you will surely expect a justification of the investment. Reporting and Analytics helps us give you just that! We generate custom reports that help our clients understand our work and the related statistics. With Google Analytics tracking, it has become easy for us to give detailed reports to our clients. We believe that reporting and analytics is a way to highlight objectives of the project and understand the impact of activities we are doing.

Let us Tell the Story of your Business with Reporting and Analytics

To understand how users interact with your business and how you can capitalize on the success, reporting is required. In fact, we consider reporting and analytics as an integral part of every online marketing project we undertake. With reporting and analytics, it is possible to revise each step on the process that results in conversion. With our comprehensive tracking and reporting, we put actionable intelligence and information at your fingertips. It gives an overview on the effects of online marketing activities performed on your website.

Benefits of Reporting and Analytics

  • Optimize bid management and keyword selection
  • Check the effectiveness of your sales channel and find areas to improve sales
  • Find where your visitors enter and leave the site. Do they spend time or just bounce back within seconds? These metrics help in improving visitor experience on the site.
  • Understand user traffic and channels from which the traffic is coming. It will help plan how to lead traffic to conversion or sales.
  • Use segmentation and other tools to find the best conversion path for customers.
  • Get the cost of conversion from different marketing initiatives and analyse which strategy is performing best.
  • Make smart business decisions based on statistics given in reports.

There are several tools that give us analytics data and reporting for our projects. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are among the most useful ones. We offer tracking of as many keywords as you would like. Not just your keywords, we also keep tabs on how your competitors’ sites are performing against your website. Don’t let the term report stress you! We offer one of the most easy-to-understand reports. But stay assured these reports are crucial to extracting important data.

Being a bespoke digital agency, we do not offer a standard report to all our clients. Just like our marketing strategies, we customize the reports to present data that is valuable to your business. Use our analytics and reporting to make data-backed smart decisions and gain a competitive edge over others in your industry. Call us to know more.

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