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A fully fledged CMS, WordPress makes an ideal choice for websites!

One of the most popular blogging platforms, WordPress has seen rapid growth over the past few years. WordPress has removed the myth that you need technological knowledge to start your a blog. It has made it possible for anyone, a naïve user or an expert, to take up blogging. But now WordPress has gone further ahead. It is no longer just a platform for bloggers or hobbyists. It has become one of the most preferred CMS systems for website development. WordPress websites are also easy to optimize for search engines. Get the best WordPress SEO done for your website using Real SEO. We provide SEO consulting for all kinds of website, and we are proud to say that WordPress SEO is our specialty.

We assure you that SEO and online marketing activities for your WordPress website is an investment. Our services can transform your online presence drastically. We not only improve your search engine rankings but also generate targeted and relevant visitors to your website. More the relevant visitors, higher are the chances of conversion and sales. Even if you are just using WordPress as a blog for your business, it can be impactful for your search engine rankings.

Turn your visitors into interested prospects with a -seo/”>responsive, optimized website

Our website design and development services are backed by our highly structured, persuasive online marketing campaigns.SEO is the base of this marketing campaign. We develop WordPress websites keeping SEO in mind, thus laying the foundation for SEO efforts.

At Real SEO, we know that having endless meaningless or irrelevant pages on the website won’t help search engines. Gone are the days when quantity of content had an impact on search rankings. Today, SEO is concerned with content that adds value to readers while making sense to search engines. It needs to be a combination of SEO friendly terms, keywords and unique value adding content. If you have not created a blog or website on WordPress, our development team will do it for you.

If you are looking for someone to setup your WordPress blog, Real SEO is just the agency you need. Our experienced SEO team has set up blogs for business across different industries and of all sizes.They have gained an immense expertise on blog setup and can get the blog quick and thorough within few days. WordPress has evolved as a versatile content management system and allows you to create fully functional websites and mobile applications. We have a track record in enabling our customers to gain new sales leads and dramatically improve their online presence with a WordPress website.

Before we start website Optimisation, we build a set of target keywords relevant to your website. We also get insights of your business to make sure the keywords are relevant. Real SEO offers content writing and SEO copy-writing services to optimize content present on your website.

Try our WordPress SEO services once and stay assured you will be amazed with the results. Call us to know more.

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Get a free and genuine SEO audit from the leading SEO agency! As experts, when we talk of free SEO audit, we understand how to improve your search engine rankings.Our SEO audit involves a check of each and every part of your website that has an impact on SEO. You will realise that our audit method is directly aligned with Google’s ranking algorithm,
that ranks web pages not the entire site. Our detailed report will give you the
exact idea of where your site stands in-terms of SEO.
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