The best software for your website Video Compression

Is the sluggishness of the video speed on your website becoming a great cause of concern for you? It’s true that; “its not always that easy to impress the audience!” The Good news is that, RealSEO has got a solution for you! That is Video Compression. In this blog article, we’ve identified what Video compression is all about, the best soft-wares used to compress videos for the web without losing quality, and so much more.

What is video compression?

Video compression is a content representation format for storage or transmission of digital video content (such as in a data file or bit stream). It is the piece of software, an algorithm, that is used to make your video file smaller. Video Compression is used by the encoding programs such as Handbrake to make it smaller, and then by the video player such as VLC to decompress it again, ready for playback.

Optimizing video for the web is as important as image optimization.

Keeping up with the advanced and the best video compression software available to take your video speed on your website to the next level without losing quality requires a little effort. But as web designers or developers, it is always our/your prime concern to create websites for our/your clients that are as user-friendly and SEO optimized as possible. You start looking for the best video compression software for web background, header video and more.

Discover the best video compression software for web background, header video and more!


Hybrid: This is one of the best tools for compressing a movie/video. It supports x264, x265 and more formats. This tool comes with many advanced features with an integrated bitrate calculator and ability to encode single title/chapters and a lot of options are available.

Handbrake: This is a popular free video compression software. It is also known as for Open Source Video Transcoder. You can optimize or compress your video from this software so easily. Over a lot of output options among the most advanced features, codecs are included: H.246, MKV, MPEG4, AAC. You can adjust the video resolution size, Adjusting filters, optimizing video quality(Average Bitrate kbps), configuring audio track, subtitle track etc, are inbuilt. you can download this software on Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

Prism video converter: This is one of the most comprehensive multi-format video converters. You can convert or compress any HD or smaller video files within minutes. Additionally, there you can set compression/encoder rates, resolution framerate and easily to shrink output video size. This software can be used for free in a trial period for 30 days.

MeGUI: It is the most comprehensive GUI based ISO MPEG-4 solution. It supports MPEG-4 ASP (xvid), MPEG-4 AVC (x264), AAC, MP2, MP3, Flac, Vorbis, AC3 audio and various common containers support (MP4, MKV, Avi, M2TS).

Pavtube video converter: This is one of the most popular and favorite video editing and compressor software for Windows PC and Mac OS. It has a laundry list of features, including the ability of H.265/HEVC decode/encode. which gives you to much high quality video than H.264 codec. You can import video edit, trim and crop, adjust the image, capture snapshot etc. Also can customize the setting presets, parameters and bit rate to a higher level by yourself. This program supports NVDIA’s CUDA technology and ATI stream technology to provide a 6X faster conversion speed and also can convert more than one video simultaneously to other format and helps to save a lot of time while rendering the video.

In a nutshell;

There are a number of soft-wares available to compress videos online as well as offline. Most of them work as mere converters which will of course provide you a compressed file, but that output can’t be reliable most of the times. Video Compression in a real sense is called encoding/trans-coding of a video file using Encoding software and related set of files.

With encoding software, you can control proper input and output for a video and hence can get reliable and desired results. Encoding software, which is free to use and adopted by most of the professionals are Hybrid, MeGUI, and HandBrake. These are feature-rich video compression soft-wares which come bundled with a plenty of options and advanced controls to compress videos without losing quality.

Using these applications definitely, rules out the issue of the large size of the videos which often acts as a hurdle and can make you hesitate using videos for your website.

Feel free to share with us your experience with any of the above or any other software suggestion you may have is welcome. And you can as well contact us for more details about web Video Compression or any other service we offer.

The best software for your website Video Compression