Understand eCommerce SEO Services

Learn more about Process of Raising a Website in Google


This has been often asked how eCommerce SEO is different from SEO of other website. We will elaborate this thing in detail. Search engine optimization is a process where we try to make friendship bond between our website and Google search engine. There are various steps that are needed to be taken for ecommerce SEO.

How eCommerce websites are different from other websites?

  • eCommerce websites are involved in buying and selling.
  • These websites have attached payment gateway.
  • These websites have far more number of pages that simple website.

How SEO for ecommerce website should e approach?

Two factors are very important age and keyword in domain name. If you have domain name that has keyword stuffed then it will help. Suppose you want to sell books and you have keyword like Londonbooks.com then it will be really helpful. Google likes big website so you should add as many pages as possible. There should be unique meta and content on each page so that there should be some value for every page.

Because of very high number of websites being online and selling material, now things have changed for eCommerce. One should be always ready for very tough challenge. In the world of SEO nothing happens over night.




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