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Landing Page Makes the Difference between a successful and failed marketing campaign

With increasing competition in the digital world, businesses are constantly innovating to improve conversions of their website. The success of any online marketing campaign, right from email marketing to social media marketing, depends on few essential elements and one of these elements is landing pages. Clients often come to us confused with the concept of landing page. Remember, not every page on your website is a landing page. Landing pages are the heart of your online marketing campaign hence you need to design them strategically. This is exactly why the team at Real SEO is all you need. We are the best when it comes to landing page design and development.

At Real SEO we believe that landing pages are the buzzword of online marketing campaigns. We want to create landing pages as the lead capture pages of your website. We design pages that help you earn more money from your blog or website. Our aim of landing pages is to present benefits of the products or services you offer and also establish the credibility of your company. We know that the Call-to-Action point on the landing page encourages conversion. Our expert content writers not only develop appealing content for the site but also provide a strong call-to-action to encourage conversions.

Carefully Crafted Landing Pages to Entice and Convert Your Visitors

To grow your business, merely opting for Search Engine Optimisation and online advertising is not sufficient. It is important to convert traffic into leads, and leads into sales. This is where paid ad campaigns and landing page comes into picture. Landing pages are designed to facilitate a specific action you want a user to take. The action can be anything, right from subscribing to the newsletter to scheduling an appointment. The idea behind landing pages is to help improve relationships with customers and the success of your marketing campaigns.

There are various benefits of having a sound landing page. You will not only enjoy increased business but also reduced bounce rate and improved engagement. We pay special attention to keeping the landing-page relevant to your ads so that the visitors get what they are looking for. Keeping a consistency between the landing page, website and the ad is our secret recipe for landing pages that convert.

There are several benefits of getting dedicated custom landing pages for your website. It includes –

  • Increases conversions
  • Communicates your objective precisely
  • Gives an insight into your business, products / services
  • Generates data for valuable insights
  • Improves the ROI of paid search campaigns
  • Develops credibility and awareness of your brand.

Before we start the landing page design, we would like to have a discussion with you regarding your objectives and expectations of the page. Do you want to grow your email list or do you need a landing page for appointment scheduling? The design of your landing page will depend on the objectives and goals.

Let’s develop a beautiful, appealing and creative landing page for your marketing campaigns!




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